My NEW Greeting Card Line!

When every development unfolds one little step at a time, selecting a launch day becomes an intriguing puzzle. Presently, my website stands adorned & updated with the latest additions, poised for a grand debut at The Make-it Show in Vancouver PNE Forum from December 7th to 10th. We've already Sold over 10,000 tickets!

My anticipation builds as I prepare to breathe life into my Greeting Cards shop & Collections, a project not just months but years in the making. The journey commenced over a decade ago (!!!) back in November 2013, kindled by the enchantment of Frozen. In homage, I crafted a glittering rendition of that endearing snowman, Olaf, and beloved reindeer 'Sven' ensconced in hand-painted icicles—my original acrylic painting on canvas initially for a gallery show in SoCal.

Since that spark, a demand arose for more accessible pieces. Here, Fantasyland-inspired themes reminisce about my childhood visit to Disneyland and my deep admiration for the Disney Renaissance. It's a nostalgic journey back to the magical decade when Walt Disney Animation Studios revived the art of crafting animated musical adaptations of classic tales (ahem, The Little Mermaid!).

Next, my Signature collection—a gallery of tropical-toned Mermaids depicted in an expressionistic style. Each mermaid embodies a talismanic narrative, a subtle stroke of luck, empowerment, and renewal, each harboring a secret meaning close to my heart.

Then there's my eternally comforting Teddy Bear collection, your cozy haven. Embrace the charm of these adorable bears, perfect for winter cuddles, evoking timeless nostalgia throughout the year. Which colored bear do you like best?

teddy bear greeting cards on matte and watercolour paper gold embellished

These collections are living entities, evolving as I consider your insights and feedback, dedicated to bringing you boundless joy!

For those seeking custom Greeting Card art and design collaborations for their hotels, boutiques, or events, the avenue is open through the Contact Page.
Additionally, for the time, WHOLESALE orders can be directed to

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