Skeleton Night Surfer


As I gear up for the Holidays, I cannot forget to share what I did for my pumpkin this year! I painted my pumpkin a midnight blue— almost black. I guess my unorthodox color tendencies lend themselves to multiple mediums.

I just love the idea of a dark pumpkin (jack-o-lantern?).


I mixed in metallic violet powder for the ocean waves, and used a white POSCA acrylic paint pen for the skeleton... Let's not forget the tropical setting of lazy bronze palms blowing in the midnight breeze — golden stars, a butterfly accompany my lone skeleton surfer.

I loved working with this unusual palette which lends itself to so much mystery and celebration; I am about to launch my new line of Greeting Cards this Christmas - so my Autumn pumpkin was about fun, painting for paintings sake— knowing the pumpkin— and this painting have a very short shelf life!

The painted pumpkin is gone now but I love looking back at these pictures and I'm glad I took so many to document its very existence! 

 See the instagram Reel I made here to enjoy more of my Skeleton Night Surfer. Please Comment re: ideas of what should I painting next year?

Instagram Reel:

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