Painting Summer

Ask anyone. I will speak in lengths on style. I just did in my last blog post. Still, I never really had a name for my style of painting. I just did it. 

I don’t tend to categorize my art although I do enjoy ascribing the old Masters as a timeline of reference for art movements. I have this nagging proclivity within me towards the Post impressionists specifically. 

Studying the old Masters is important work for living artists. I especially like to examine the full-spectrum body of works and evolution of each. Knowing the time; the reason will hopefully point to the motivation. You can Google it, but I love to wonder. Google can never tell us what they were thinking. Wondering is the closest thing. 


So now you know. Post Impressionism tugs on my heart strings. Could it be the deviation from natural colors during that time (1880–1920)? 

I like stepping into this flat, organic world of shapes the old Masters like Toulouse Latrec, Matisse, Edvard Munch created from their psyches alone. Primitively defiant brush strokes, otherworldly colors and the distortion of subject matter for emphasis sake. The lack of realism, how touching. 

I had to try it myself.


My latest painting: 'Sirène la Côte d'azur' is inspired by the Post Impressionists. It's a unique melange of my favourite things… seashells, Champagne and starfish all guide the eye toward La Sirène. My heavy intensions for the spiritual and romantic decorative aspects are pushed to the limit here while stopping short of cartoonish or parody. I hope you get lost in the symbolism.  

Be on holiday with your eyes.

I invite you to have an active role of interpreting my work—just as the Post Impressionists desired (vs. Impressionism: where the viewer only needs to passively observe the piece). I loathe passivity in art. It’s my job to make you feel something. 

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Xo, Lisa

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