Welcome Back To The Sea

If you’re reading this, then you’re like me. You’re drawn to the water. 

Where do we begin?

Late August memories of sandy feet? Cold salt water? Sun-bleached hair, those impromptu strands in the shape of waves that stick to tanned skin. Hands busy building sandcastles. Sandcastles we knew would crumble when the tide came in. I used to watch that water. I knew how much time we had left. 

This ritual sandcastle-sacrifice reminds me of Burning Man in Nevada (I’ve never been, have you?). Hyped creatives set fire to a large wooden effigy, willfully destroying their art. And then they do it all over again next year. Sound familiar? Back to the sandcastles.

Back to the sea.

I’m constantly curious about our unexplored oceans. I can’t be the only one. And maybe as I’m talking about this, a childhood memory has come to mind. A family vacation, maybe? A tropical holiday long over, you’ve never mentally departed from.

Seaside memories have an irresistible effect right?

My intrigue with our endlessly fascinating waters has taken me far. Both geographically and spiritually. You can read more about my story and why I paint boho coastal themes on my About page. 

As much as I obsessed over all things water - I struggled for years to convey my love for the ocean in my paintings. The technical aspect of illustrating a perfect wave can be done, but I’m not after high-strung accuracy for the sake of realism. I’m after painting something honest. 


How did I achieve creating something that I struggled with most of my life, someting I felt was truthful?


I gave in to the call of the siren to embrace what is unique about my style. I had been pushing it down for years in order to conform. More on that in the next Blog post — stay tuned!

 I’m so excited to share my new Collections with you today. My Shop pages feature both my Fleur de Mer and my Royale Cache original paintings. 

On this website, my Shop will serve as my showroom. My background in creating art for the Hotel industry was all about presentation, and I admit to enjoying the ‘final result’. A polished finish feeds my Austrian and German heritage beautifully.

Having said that…

For too long I’ve neglected to show my art process. That is where this Blog comes in!

Here, I will share with you my process, inspirations, and the way I live and look at the world now. The global pandemic has stripped away the top layer of lustre in culture, exposing the broken in our society. But there is still beauty in the world. And I will show you. 

The past few years have taken so much away, but at the same time gifted me a unique lens to view our oceans differently. This website exists as an intimate portal for you to experience this too. 

Welcome to my coastal cosmos.

XO, Lisa

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