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A storm forms above the ocean and inherits all of the sea's colors, textures and characteristics. As the indigo depths swirl with the promise of impending tempest, the copper hues evoke the warmth of lightning's embrace. Coral accents dance amidst the tumult, while radiant golds shimmer like sunlight breaking through the clouds. This painting is not merely a work of art; it is a testament to the awe-inspiring power of nature and the artist's ability to translate it into visual poetry. The artist's obsession with weather phenomena is evident within this original painting: a truly unique abstract that mesmerizes with the beautiful pairing of professional, premium paint's and Penz's masterful skill really shines here.

XO, Lisa



-  24x .8 x 20”
-  Original canvas painting by Lisa Penz
-  Acrylic paint with metallics 
-  Signed on the front and back 
-  Ships to the USA
-  Ships rolled, unmounted in tube

-  Painting will ship within 2 weeks
-  Custom framing is available  
-  All sales are final



-  Ships rolled, unmounted in a tube: This work will ship in a dent-resistant tube. Rolled works can easily be restretched.

*Please note - colors may differ depending on your screen. The artist retains copyright and all reproduction rights.