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In the fluid strokes of warm red, cyan, turquoise, and white, lies an abstract portrayal of the eternal dance between land and sea: the shorebreak.With each violent crash and graceful retreat, the canvas captures the essence of this primal meeting of elements. The warm hues of red and cyan evoke the fiery passion of the ocean's embrace, while tranquil tones of turquoise and white mirror the serene beauty of the shoreline. Through the interplay of color and movement, the painting becomes a visual symphony, inviting the viewer to witness the eternal ebb and flow of nature's rhythm. It is a moment frozen in time, where the raw power of the ocean meets the steadfast resilience of the land.

XO, Lisa


-  20 x .8 x 24 in.”
-  Original canvas painting by Lisa Penz
-  Acrylic paint with metallics 
-  Signed on the front and back 
-  Ships to the USA
-  Ships rolled, unmounted in tube

-  Painting will ship within 2 weeks
-  Custom framing is available  
-  All sales are final


-  Ships rolled, unmounted in a tube: This work will ship in a dent-resistant tube. Rolled works can easily be restretched.


*Please note - colors may differ depending on your screen. The artist retains copyright and all reproduction rights.