The Ocean Speaks - Painting by Lisa

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I'VE ALWAYS WONDERED if the ocean was lonely at night. I've since learned that night is when everyone comes out, up to the surface to feed under the cover of darkness. This nocturnal seascape painting, encapsulated within this exquisite abstract expressionist composition has been meticulously rendered with premium-grade acrylics and delicately painted metallics, the artwork commands attention with its nuanced portrayal of the ocean's majesty. Through the subtle interplay of deep indigos and luminescent hues, I have conjured the tumultuous yet enchanting essence of the nocturnal waters.This transcendent piece offers a profound exploration of the human experience and the timeless allure of the ocean.

XO, Lisa



-  22 x 1 x 18 in.”
-  Original canvas painting by Lisa Penz
-  Acrylic paint with metallics 
-  Signed on the front and back 
-  Ships to the USA
-  Painting will ship within 2 weeks
-  Custom framing is available  
-  All sales are final


-  Ships rolled, unmounted in a tube: This work will ship in a dent-resistant tube. Rolled works can easily be restretched.

*Please note - colors may differ depending on your screen. The artist retains copyright and all reproduction rights.